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Is a Glass of Wine a Day Healthy for Your Heart? A New Study says "No"

As today is "National Drink Wine Day", I thought it would be great opportunity to post some fun details about how wine is heart healthy and how we should drink a glass of red wine everyday. Within 60 seconds of starting my research for this post I was both shocked and disappointed ( I LOVE red wine!) to find out that a new study has debunked the myth that red wine provides healthy heart benefits. Sorry to be a "buzz" kill...

A new study, conducted by the World Heart Federation, states that "any level of drinking can lead to loss of healthy life" and it has sought to dispel the widespread notion that that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can decrease the risk of heart disease and has called for urgent action to tackle the global rise in deaths caused by drinking.

The Facts:

  • Any protective carioprotective effect is of drinking alcohol is negated by the well-documented risks and harms.

  • No amount of consumption can be considered good for the heart

  • Alcohol is a cardiotoxin that can weaken the ability of the heart to contract.

  • Alcohol contributes to atrial fibrillation.

So, I am going to drink a glass of wine this evening to celebrate this wine lovers holiday? You can bet your merlot, I will! Cheers my friends!

red wine and a stethoscope, red wine and heart health
New study finds that red wine is not good for heart health

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